G-Summit 2016

September 27-28, 2016 - San Francisco, CA

Man & Machine or Man vs. Machine?

The pace of development in AI and robotics is helping us to reimagine how much better the world can be. But on the flip side, people fear what problems could be created for their jobs and livelihoods. This theme will investigate not just the technical capabilities but the economic, political and societal effects of the next rise of machines.

  • How will artificial and human intelligence co-exist?
  • How new materials will shape the future of our world
  • How the labor force adapts to the new world order of machines

What it Means to Control Aging

Philosophers and scientists have long contemplated and experimented with the possibility to make humans live longer. Although playing with nature and biology opens up new frontiers for humanity, there are deep ethical, physiological and environmental issues to navigate. This theme will force the group to stare these possibilities and issues in the face, to better prepare for the age of longer life.

  • How much should humans determine evolution?
  • How living longer affects our environment
  • What would you do if you could live twice as long?

Accelerating Science from the Lab to the World

Scientific and technological breakthroughs have far reaching effects for our world and beyond. The reality is, much of the world’s discoveries are stuck in labs or academic papers. For it to make a true difference, scientists need to work with government and industry to commercialize. But these relationships are tricky, motivations are different and personalities are too. This theme will address these challenges for the sake of bringing wondrous breakthroughs to the world.

  • The role of global innovation centers
  • What really stops scientific research from flourishing?
  • How scientists can do the dance with venture capital

G-Summit RoundTables

G-Summit guests will gather in small groups intermittently throughout the program to discuss compelling areas of research. Distinguished chairs will lead these roundtable sessions by introducing their research and facilitating interdisciplinary dialogues between scientists, CEOs, and investors.