Join us in Pebble Beach on August 23-25th, 2017!

G-Summit is an exclusive and intimate opportunity for visionaries from top companies around the world.

The G-Summit experience includes cross-industry discussions and networking opportunities between world-leading scientists, dynamic tech executives, and pioneering investors.

Not-to-miss sessions are led by champions in their fields. The carefully curated lineup of speakers are experienced innovators. They have lead change in their companies, industries, and the world of technology as a whole.

Passes are limited and attendees are screened.

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"I believe that the rise of powerful AI will be either the best thing or the worst ever to happen to humanity."
Stephen Hawking, GMIC Beijing 2017

The mission is bold, yet the method is simple.

What happens when the brightest minds come together?

G-Summit is the place for innovators in AI, physics, chemistry, materials, aerospace, and biomedicine to come together with technology leaders and investors. The experience allows for candid discussions that will shape the future of technology.

What happens when the best from academia and industry collaborate?

When the right visionaries are brought together at the right time in technological advancement, breakthroughs and discoveries emerge. The goal of G-Summit is to provide scientists and innovators with the capability to change the world by working closely with tech leaders and investors.

We’re making amazing things happen.

Join us to be part of the Scientific Technology Revolution.

Companies Represented Include

Stanford University
Carnegie Mellon University
Kaiser Permanente
Bank of America
"Best, most succinct talk on A.I. I’ve heard in awhile by Kai-Fu Lee at G-Summit [2016]."
Sonny Vu, President & CTO, Connected Devices, Fossil Group

The Venue

Nestled among majestic Monterey pines—and fronted by a Scottish-style links golf course that touches some of the most breathtaking coastline in the world—The Inn at Spanish Bay™ is an idyllic retreat.

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Photo: The Lone Cypress™ ©Joann Dost

Agenda Overview

  • Opening Night Reception & VIP Dinner
  • G-Summit Day 1
    Breakfast & Welcoming
  • Dinner Reception
  • G-Summit Day 2
  • G-Summit Closing Remarks


The G-Summit is an invitation only event with limited openings available for leading scientists, executives, and investors.


  • $1,495.00 through July 10, 2017
  • $1,995.00 after July 10, 2017
  • Tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable

Tickets Include:

  • Admission to G-Summit 2017 from August 23-25
  • Welcome Reception on the evening of August 23
  • VIP Dinner on the evening of August 24
  • Breakfast, lunch, and breaks throughout

Join us at Pebble Beach® from August 23-25 to explore what happens when the world’s leading scientists, technologists and business leaders convene for both scheduled talks, and unstructured activities where the group decides what to talk about. No rules, no agenda - just enthusiastic interactions amongst great minds.



Softbank Robotics
China Mobile


Strategic Media Partner
SV Insight
Media Partner
Cheung Kong Business Review
The Economist
Sina Weibo
Business Insider
Global Communication Media Partner
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